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Road Construction



Since 1991, Basic Engineering Limited has undertaken engineering projects across a range of sectors including river dredging, road construction & electrical transmission lines as well as different equipment foundations for gas industries and power sectors. Basic can work on turnkey projects independently but we have also often collaborated with various foreign engineering firms as a joint venture partner, sub-contractor & local partner. We have also completed projects as a main contractor for various government bodies such as Roads & Highways Department (RHD), Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB), Bangladesh Water Development Board (WDB) & Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). We are listed contractor under Roads & Highways Department (RHD), Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB) & Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). Basic is also a member of Bangladesh Association of Construction Industry (BACI) & Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI). We are also enlisted under BAIRA (Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies) as a recruiter & exporter of construction workers. In collaboration with various International construction firms, we have sent experienced construction workers & operators abroad to work on projects in Algeria, Burundi, Malawi, DR Congo, Liberia, Tajikistan & Solomon Islands. One of our strengths is the execution of various types of piling jobs both onshore and offshore such as for jetty construction, for river crossing electrical towers (132 KV & 230 KV). We carry out marine piling work by engaging a barge with a crane & a vibro-hammer. Our sister concern, Barisal Contracting LLC , also completed marine piles at the Palm Jumeirah monorail project in Dubai under the supervision of a leading Japan construction firm. Our aim is to provide an engineering solution for our clients with timely execution & quality work. One of our key strengths is our flexibility & the ability to arrange suitable additional personnel who can be quickly integrated into effective working teams. We supply heavy construction & lifting equipment to firms like Chevron & Lafarge on gas plant & cement factory projects in Bangladesh. As a result, our equipment operators & riggers are highly trained with a focus on safe working methods. In fact, our owned equipment include rough terrain cranes, a 70 ton crawler crane, ICE 815 vibrohammers, telescopic forklift, manlift, crane trucks, dump trucks, excavators & pay-loaders.


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